We code, we develop and we deploy software for scientists and analyticals.

We love to code, hack, develop and deploy software to solve data requests. We connect, maintain, build and deploy software to be used in the field of data analyses, machine learning, artificial intelligence, security and robotizing.

the technologists code develop deploy software for scientists and analyticals

We are the coding & software developing & deploying professionals for SCIENTISTS and help out analyticals to grow.

Recruitment liaison & opportunity seeker

We work at a variety of companies who casually form a community called ASCItec. ‘The Technologists’ forms the binding element as recruitment liaison and opportunity seeker. 

Data is the binding element in the community in which:

  • THE SCIENTISTS model, analyse and predict outcome;
  • Analyticals do smart things, change our habitual thinking meanwhile studying some quantitative stuff! They are the working students and our upcoming talents.

Our employers are active in the field of yield management systems, trading platforms, data platforms, customer journeys, logistics, streaming media, quantum and some more nice activities and ventures (some big, some established, some starting, some scaling up).

We, you, are THE TECHNOLOGISTS that develop and deploy software to make it all happen. Without us, no future.