Machine Learning Engineer vacancy Amsterdam

Machine Learning Engineer Amsterdam

Are you comfortable with developing models and deploying them into the Artificial Intelligence Infrastructure! You have at least practical experience and want to take a deep dive, guided by experienced engineers who help you, to grow?

Vacancy Machine Learning Engineer

One of our members of the ASCItec community is seeking a Machine Learning Engineer who has a focus – or wants to become focused – on the development of the AI platform. With the platform, our community member helps large, well known brands to engage with its customers with a near holistic and predictive view!

Meaningful insight and predictive value

In order to do so, our member has built an infrastructure which is able to connect to all online and offline client data (and its customers) and compute the data via AI to give meaningful insight and predictive value. The platform is the outcome of nearly a decade building and experimenting by some of the finest scientists and technologists.

Today, the technology and its usage, is recognized by brands who want to do smart evaluations and predictions with the data they sit on! The company is growing and becoming one of the European leading ‘parties’ in the field of Data Management Platforms (DMP) and Customer Data Platforms (CDP).

Co-develop the infrastructure

The Machine Learning Engineer we are seeking, is able to co-develop the infrastructure / platform in which:

  • Machine learning models can be trained;
  • Machine learning models in production can be tracked and evaluated in an automated manner;
  • Online models in production can be refined based on the outcome of models trained offline;
  • A workbench for data science can be developed further so it integrates seamlessly with the production environment (to be used by the scientists).

We do understand that we are seeking a needle in the haystack. Although experience is required, we still see it as a nice to have requirement! Why? Because we focus on attitude. With the right attitude and mindset, you – and we – come much farther.

Good set of brains

Should you be missing skills or experience, we may find it among your future colleagues to help you out so you are able to learn and grow and ‘do the job’. This is also the mindset we use. For example, we hire ‘fresh brains’ (analyticals). We started with analyticals to develop ‘basic’ models. But surprise, surprise: fresh brains are really talented young people. They are eager to learn and to grow and they surprised us by what they are able to do. So, with the right training and guiding from us, they are already doing some really nice (terrific) work in co-developing parts our infrastructure.

What we are trying to say: we believe in people, initiative and a good set of brains. As long as we provide the right tooling and environment, a lot more can be achieved than by only searching for Mr/Mrs Right with blinders on.

What about you?

But, to be successful in this position, you need at least experience with Python, Spark and Scala. Also, software engineering experience with JVM language is required, just like experience with the development and deployment of machine learning models.

There is more to be asked, but if you have at least above mentioned, you probably also have more to give. The question to be examined: is there is enough mutual to ‘give and take’ to get acquainted and to decide together about the next steps? We are open to meet you. What about you?

What we offer

Of course, the regular perks like pension scheme, flexible working hours and work space. We feed your stomach, where you decide about the healthiness. We offer food for thought. Challenges. Hard work (not difficult if you love your work), training, personal development and a fun, connected community for learning, development, growth and helping others to grow.

We love to pioneer and we are entrepreneurial. If you have an idea or a thought and it fits with what we are doing…

How to continue?

For more information about this vacancy or if you want to explore if you fit, please contact Wouter at +31 (0)6 54 74 23 04. If you want to apply, please use the form below. An accompanying motivational message, is highly appreciated.

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